Bebrite has on offer a fantastic opportunity to buy a Bebrite Carpet Cleaning Franchise but that’s not all! When you buy a carpet cleaning business from Bebrite you are given additional opportunities which will quickly expand and grow your business. Carpet Cleaning is generally a one off job which makes it difficult to estimate or gauge an average monthly income, however when combined with a Residential and Commercial Cleaning Business you get the chance to double your income at no extra cost to you. This concept is unique to Bebrite – we offer you stability, security and ongoing support.
When a Bebrite Carpet Cleaning business begins with a round of regular customers, who are already being serviced on a weekly or fortnightly basis you have a ready-made clientele to whom you can offer your carpet cleaning services to, at least once or twice a year. You may be servicing up to 20 or 30 regular customers and they just love the fact that their regular cleaning team can also offer them carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.
We use high quality equipment not just the cheap steam cleaning method. Bebrite’s method is using steam and hot water and then an extraction process which leaves the carpet almost dry on completion. You would be amazed at how the finished carpet looks and smells. Some of your regular customers will have pets which they keep indoors and they can leave carpet and upholstery smelly and dank. Your customers will be delighted when you offer them the service to clean their carpets and as a regular customer you may offer them a loyalty bonus or discount.

In addition to this work you are also offered Move Out, Bond Cleans, End of Lease and pre-sale cleans which require carpet cleaning as well as internal and window cleaning. You have the double bonus of receiving the income from these One Off Cleans plus the Carpet Cleaning making it a win, win for you.

We give our Carpet Cleaning teams full and comprehensive training in the use of the required applications for removing different types of stains. You receive official certification as a Bebrite Carpet Cleaning Technician. Bebrite places a great deal of importance on the correct processes and procedures when purchasing a Carpet Cleaning Business.

Some Bebrite teams have very high turnovers in a Carpet Cleaning Combined business it makes sense to combine your business options and getting the most out of your investment.

Bebrite Carpet Cleaning businesses have a genuine guarantee which will provide a minimum of 80% return on your franchise fee within the first 4 months of operation. Your equipment is a depreciable asset and the costs of running your carpet cleaning business, are of course tax deductible.