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A Bebrite Franchise Business in Newcastle Offers

Home Cleaning Services Newcastle

Newcastle Home Cleaning Services

Insurance Cleaning Services Newcastle

Insurance Workers Compensation Cleaning Services in Newcastle

In Home Care Cleaning Services Newcastle

In Home Care Cleaning Service for Seniors in Newcastle

NDIS Cleaning Services Newcastle

NDIS Home Cleaning Services in Newcastle

Bebrite Special Cleaning Services in Newcastle

  • Home Cleaning
  • Insurance
  • NDIS
  • Home Care
  • Real Estate Move Out or  One off
  • In Home Care Clients
Cleaning Franchise Newcastle

A Bebrite Franchise Business in  Newcastle Offers:

  • Guaranteed Income or Money Back Guarantee
  • New cleaning jobs offered regularly
  • Average team income is $8,000 – $10,000 per month
  • No Marketing or Advertising cost to you to get cleaning work
  • Bebrite provide you with on-going support direct with our Head Office Support
  • Franchise fee cost can be earned back in less than 4 months – we also offer a money back guarantee
  • The cleaning is light duty cleaning, guaranteed payment, and all by appointment
  • There is no obligation to you to accept work if you choose not to
  • No set territory to work in
  • No Royalty Fee.
  • This is a safe and secure investment in your own future, your own business, and to work together with our 28 years of cleaning business success behind you

Bebrite Marketing in Newcastle No Cost To You

  • Insurance organisations, home care organisations and NDIS case managers in Newcastle using specially prepared email presentations based on industry research and direct by phone contact
  • Social Media internet solutions, marketing the special cleaning services offered by Bebrite for more than 28 years
  • Specially prepared presentations on request from customers and managed by Bebrite Head Office staff, emails to support all Bebrite teams
  • Head Office phone follow up campaigns and direct response to enquiries in Newcastle and managed by Bebrite Head Office staff
  • The 28 years of Bebrite Web Sites cover Newcastle to market “Bebrite Special Cleaning Services” and across all capital cities, regional cities & large country towns, is to support your success in Newcastle
  • Bebrite senior staff face to face meetings with insurance organisations, home care organisations and NDIS case managers to support you in Newcastle

Is Everything Changing

Where are our markets

Bebrite is growing

Bebrite is leading in “Special Cleaning Services”


We are seeing dramatic changes in what our future cleaning services will be in Newcastle

You Will Own Your Own Cleaning Business Future With Bebrite’s Support in Newcastle

Bebrite Franchisees commitment:

  • Honest and reliable
  • Committed to do a good job every time
  • Will follow the Head Office Job request detail, including time to spend on each job
  • Will treat every customer with respect

Bebrite Special Cleaning Services in Newcastle The Future

  •  Newcastle #1 Move Out, End of Lease and Regular Cleaning Specialists
  • Bebrite’s own branded green cleaning products
  • Bebrite PLI and product liability Insurance
  • Special Service Franchisee approved by Bebrite
  • All work orders that come from Head Office are invoiced and payment managed by Bebrite Head Office
  • Hourly rate exceeds $40 and can be higher
  • All Client Organisations cleaning requests are managed by Head Office
  • Private Home Cleaning customers are managed directly by the Franchise Team

Customers/Clients/Organisations/Case Managers/Other:

  • Your private customer/client/organisation or case manager in Newcastle needs to be at the centre of everything Bebrite does
  • Your private customer/client/organisation or case manager will be the key to your future success in Newcastle
  • Bebrite Head Office staff will pursue the rapidly growing cleaning services it offers to Insurance organisations rehab managers, (individual workers comp persons) Home Care organisation care managers, (aged persons) NDIS coordinator managers, (disability persons) Real Estate property manager, (move out cleans) wherein, Bebrite is focused on these growth areas being its primary focus and to your personal success in Newcastle
  • Bebrite will offer you when you are approved 28 years of successful cleaning services experience and access to be part of the more than 10,000 ID customers Bebrite teams service, one of the most successfully managed franchised cleaning services networks in the Australian cleaning industry
  • Bebrite will offer you in Newcastle a unique opportunity to own your own cleaning business and not be restricted to only clean in a restricted location, suburb or post code
  • You can operate your Bebrite franchise anywhere you choose to clean, have freedom to choose when and where you clean and gain local recognition by offering Bebrites proven cleaning systems, (trademarks 3 and 37) and more than 28 years of quality cleaning service and environmentally safe to use Bebrite cleaning products,
  • It is fair Bebrite requests (you can communicate in English, you commit to follow work orders as accepted, you manage time responsibly with every job) and by joining Bebrite in Newcastle as an approved by Bebrite special service franchisee you will have an opportunity to grow, expand and to undertake with approval other cleaning services
  • Bebrite offers an immediate opportunity to achieve success in your own Bebrite franchise in Newcastle