A SECURE CLEANING BUSINESS FOR SALE IN CANBERRA. A Bebrite Cleaning Business is a recession proof business, pays you cash on the day and lets you work where and when you chose.

Canberra’s #1 Move Out, End of Lease and Regular Cleaning Specialists, Carpet, Window & Oven Cleaning with Green Cleaning Products and Fully Insured

Be a winner with a Bebrite Cleaning Business in Canberra

Why buy Bebrite?


  • Residential/Commercial/ Carpet Cleaning
  • Genuine and honest GUARANTEED INCOME
  • Fast return on your initial investment
  • Earn $33 to $45+ per hour per person – CASH
  • Earn $60 to $100+ per hour per person for Carpet and Upholstery – CASH 
  • Genuine Secure Cleaning Business where franchisees report incomes of $3,000 – $20,000+ per month
  • Some Franchisees are still operating after 20 years with Bebrite
  • Bebrite Head Office Support with booked jobs and new leads daily
  • Full and extensive training and ongoing assistance in all aspects of your business
  • National Franchise Insurance
  • Over 100,000 customers
  • Bebrite has operated for over 20 years
  • Work the hours you choose
  • No Territory or Suburbs restrictions
  • 200+Franchisees
  • No Advertising Fee
  • Flat Monthly Fees
  • Work in those areas that suit your cleaning business
  • You will have paid work (cash) on the first day you start work
  • Bebrite cleaning products are provided to you Free
  • One new business cost – no other or hidden expense to start
  • You are the boss, its your new business
  • Great success stories
  • Working where you choose to means no stopping your NEW business growth

Cleaning Business in Canberra

Canberra is located in the Australian Capital Territory, surrounded by New South Wales. The city is 150 km inland and 571 metres above the Pacific Ocean, 281 km from Sydney and 660 km from Melbourne. Canberra is home to more than 390,000 residents and the cities focal point is Lake Burley Griffin. On the lakeshore is the massive, strikingly modern Parliament House, as well as museums including the National Gallery.

Today Canberra has become the hub for western New South Wales, as well as a major tourist destination for Australians and international visitors. Canberra’s high proportion of public servants contributes to the average income in Canberra being higher and to property prices being relatively higher against the national average. 

Canberra is a high demand area for house and office cleaning. Bebrite Cleaning Franchise teams in Canberra have been cleaning Canberra houses for more than 20 years and the demand for high quality cleaning continues to grow. Buying a Bebrite cleaning business in Canberra is a great opportunity to start your own cleaning business with the support of a well recognised national cleaning business.
Canberra with medium to now higher density living and many affluent suburbs are the perfect areas to start a cleaning business.

Owning a Bebrite cleaning Business in Canberra is an excellent business opportunity. High density living and affluent suburbs are the perfect areas to start a cleaning business. 

start a cleaning business

To find out more about this great cleaning business opportunity in many suburbs surrounding Canberra call and speak to our Business Manager on 1300 131 664  or to arrange an appointment and hear in detail the cost, the training and support you will receive and why a Bebrite cleaning business in Canberra is such a good business investment and cleaning business to buy. Make a lifestyle choice and change direction into a new life where you work for yourself but have a large company supporting you.

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From the first day you decide to start your own cleaning business with a Bebrite Cleaning Business Franchise in Canberra you will be supported every step of the way. Bebrite provides you with a continuous supply of FREE Bebrite GREEN Natural Cleaning Products and the choice of combining Home Cleaning with Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning or Window Cleaning. Owning a Bebrite Cleaning Business Franchise gives you a unique advantage of having no territory restrictions. You can work where you want to work. 

Franchise Business for Sale

You will train with the experts in your area, in house cleaning, office cleaning, move out cleans and regular cleaning services. Carpet cleaning is also an option when you are experienced enough. Start earning cash on the day you do the job with a guaranteed income which starts immediately you start working.

House Cleaning Business

Your clients can be from large homes, small units, move out cleans or regular cleaning services. It is important to understand customer service and customer retention – this is your path to growth.

 Bebrite provides Great Marketing – Great Promotions – Great Team Work. Compare the Bebrite benefits and what makes a Bebrite Cleaning Business in Canberra an excellent investment.

The Australian Bebrite Team

Our Franchise Cleaning team leaders have many years of successful business development experience and ready to work with you personally, to train you, to support you, to ensure you are successful in your new Bebrite Cleaning Business. A Bebrite Cleaning Business in Canberra will offer you a genuine investment for Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning and even Carpet Cleaning, all for the cost of one franchise, not three. Bebrite Cleaning Business Franchises operate Australia wide and are a leader in Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning and almost dry on completion Carpet Cleaning. Bebrite also manufactures and distributes a huge range of fantastic GREEN  Natural Cleaning Products which can be purchased on-line or direct from our Head Office, just a phone call away.

Since 1995 Bebrite has operated one of the most transparent, honest, ethical cleaning business franchises with a focus on the franchise business owner being successful.