Cleaning Franchise Support and Training

bebrite6The Bebrite Head Office support team are totally committed to the success of your Bebrite Franchise at all times. Bebrite staff are all trained to work with you to help you build your business, resolve any concerns you might have about the business, and ensure you have confidence in operating your Bebrite Franchise. Our Bebrite Head Office support is based on the best training and ongoing support for you. You will be offered for free Bebrite natural cleaning products, and insurance that is half the cost normally paid. Since 1995 Bebrite’s experience in home, office, carpet, move-in, move-out cleaning has lead the industry, and our commitment to only use environmentally safe cleaning products protects you and your customers.

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North Shore Cleaning Business – Franchise

Franchise north shore sydney for saleOver the years Bebrite has welcomed many different people from many different walks of life and many difference countries of origin. Twenty years ago many of our teams came initially from China. Bebrite can be proud of the number of people who have been able to achieve great success with their Bebrite cleaning business franchises. Not all were fluent in English but with a determination and support from Bebrite’s Head Office team they were able to earn high incomes and then become home and unit owners. Bebrite staff helped these people achieve their goals with a risk free investment which had a lasting effect on their lives.

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We can help you to own a successful cleaning business

A cleaning business you own with our assistance. NO SET RESTRICTED AREA, no one suburb, no one post code, work in those areas YOU chose to work in, when you chose to work and anywhere throughout Sydney’s metropolitan suburbs, many outer lying areas, and in most of the larger cities like Wollongong and Newcastle, the ACT, (Canberra) S.E. Queensland, (Brisbane) including the Gold Coast. In Victoria, (Melbourne) and in WA. (Perth) Bebrite Cleaning Business Franchises have been successfully operating since mid 1995, more than 20 years, and with 200+ Franchisees.

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Bebrite Cleaners in Campbelltown for Spring Cleaning or Regular Cleaning Services

Cleaning Business For Sale CampbelltownAre you house proud? Would you like your house to be spick and span? You need to call Bebrite.

Bebrite teams bring
their own equipment, environmentally friendly products and provide a high quality cleaning services. Use Bebrite for all your home cleaning needs. Call 1300 131 664

Our cleaning teams available in this area are Bebrite Bradbury, Bebrite Ambarvale, Bebrite Macquarie Fields, Bebrite Kentlyn, Bebrite Glenfield, and Bebrite Prestons, also in Minto, Ingleburn, and Lurnea.

Bebrite – Penrith Cleaning Business

When Wayne and Debra started their Bebrite Werrington cleaning business franchise 20 years ago it was still considered to be really on the outskirts of the Metropolitan area and yet they became huge success stories and their clients love their attention to detail, the Bebrite environmentally friendly products and their high standards. What Wayne and Deborah loved about their Bebrite cleaning business franchise?

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Bebrite – Cleaning Franchises in the Eastern Suburbs

Bebrite franchises in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney have always been popular. In fact Bebrite Elizabeth Bay is our longest serving franchise and they have now clocked up 20 years looking after Bebrite customers and being part of the Bebrite network. This is an outstanding achievement and we are so proud of George and Mindy and their services of providing high standards to all their loyal customers for all these years. George and Mindy are just one of a number of huge success stories within the Bebrite network.

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Bebrite Cleaning Business – Cleaning Franchise in Campbelltown

Many Bebrite Cleaning Business Franchises are located in the Campbelltown area. They provide a high quality service to a growth area of South Western Sydney. A Bebrite cleaning business franchise can offer exceptional value to residents of the Campbelltown area because it means that they can work in the area where they live. Over the years Bebrite has developed a strong following both in cleaning business franchises but also in demand for home cleaning, office cleaning and carpet cleaning. Bebrite already has cleaning teams established with Bebrite Bradbury, Bebrite Ambarvale, Bebrite Macquarie Fields, Bebrite Kentlyn, Bebrite Glenfield, and Bebrite Prestons, also in Minto, Ingleburn, and Lurnea. If you are looking for a risk free, secure and safe investment look no further than Bebrite Cleaning Franchises.

Business opportunities for women

As the Franchise Manager of Bebrite, I have interviewed a wide range of people from different cultures and countries as well as our own Australian husband and wife teams who have made up the greater percentage of our franchisee’s. However, as a woman I have been fascinated, enchanted and humbled by the women who have come into our business and made such a success of it. We give them the proven system but it is those women themselves who make the culture and the essence of Bebrite so significant.

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Wollongong Franchisee Success Story!

Wollongong Cleaning Franchise Success Story

Diana Wilson – Franchise Manager for Bebrite in NSW the ACT, QLD & WA, makes the following observations on Franchising in Australia. “Like a lot of us – franchising in Australia is now reaching mature age!

It is well known that Australia has more franchises per capita than any other country in the world.

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