Guaranteed Income: Our franchise business offers you a choice, at the full franchise cost we offer a guaranteed income for the first 4 months and from the first day you start cleaning, no hassle, real and promptly paid income to assist you whilst we are building your new cleaning customers and building your income. It’s a real safety net, which will give you confidence and security. This is a genuine guarantee. We make up any shortfall in your guaranteed income at the end of each 20-day period. Our aim is to have you operating at your optimum level within the 1st few weeks of operation. Our focus is to have successful franchisees

Money Back Guarantee: We also offer a special entry franchise with a slightly lower income support, no guaranteed income, but with a franchise fee money back guarantee during the first 3 months. The money back guarantee relates to the franchise fee, less the cost of the start-up kit, training and all income reported earned during the franchise operating period, clearly stated in the sale of Franchise cost. if a refund of the franchise fee is requested during this period you only need to advise in writing that you are not happy with the business and wish to conclude the Franchise. When you join Bebrite you are joining a company with strength, an excellent reputation, and a commitment to see you succeed. The Bebrite Head Office team is there to support you, assist you, and to help you build your business.