phone-womanBebrite provides to you customer requests for a quote, and booked jobs on a regular basis, to assist you in growing your business, and to maintain your income. It will also help build your business when you provide your customer with a cleaning service standard that encourages your customers to recommend you to their friends as a cleaner who can be relied upon to do the best job. Bebrite will also provide you with colour leaflets designed to be circulated whenever you are in a new area or just around and across the road from where you are working. Its a great way to get new customers and it works.

cleaning-franchisesBebrite’s – Head Office Call Centre

When a new or existing customer calls the Bebrite Head Office, they speak immediately to one of our Head Office call centre staff. We do not operate an external call centre, or hold on for hours, or leave a message . Bebrite gives personalised attention to both our retail customers, and to you as our number one customer. Bebrite in providing immediate over the phone service makes for happy customers, and its great for you too. This also means we do not lose calls, or customers. Bebrite is proud of being able to offer the best possible cleaners, in all areas of cleaning services.