bebrite10Free Quotes

You will have the support of Bebrite to offer you new quotes and leads to build your business, replace customers that move. With a data base of exiting customers showing more than 100,000, and constant marketing by Bebrite to generate more work for you, investing with Bebrite is secure, its honest, and its a great business where you can be the owner, and be successful.

Guaranteed – Guaranteed Income from your first working day


Our absolutely guaranteed – guaranteed income gives you a real and honest safety net, which will give you more confidence and security in the first few months of operating your new business. This is a genuine guarantee; you don’t have to read the small print. We make up any shortfall in your income at the end of each 20-day period. Our aim is to have you operating at your optimum level within the 1st few weeks of operation. Our focus is to have your business operating successfully. When you join Bebrite you are joining a company with strength, an excellent reputation, and a commitment to see you succeed. The Bebrite team is there to support you, assist you, and to work with you as your business grows.

natural-cleaning-productsBebrite’s Marketing Power

Bebrite as one of the largest cleaning services company’s advertisers consistently to generate new cleaning work across Australia. Bebrite offers this work to all franchisees who are in need of work to ensure that their business remains successful, and that their income is maintained. Bebrite also offers to all franchisees free cleaning products, and multi-level insurance cover at almost half the usual cost.

Bebrite Cleaning FranchiseFlexible Client Base

Bebrite helps you to build a customer base that suits your particular business, the days and the hours you want to work, and around your family commitments. Bebrite can also offer a business for single operators, who may prefer smaller jobs, whereas couples can take larger homes and offices, and still have time for their family needs. Opportunities exist for you to build much higher monthly incomes by combining Residential with Commercial cleaning.

Non Set Territory’s

One of the key points of difference with a Bebrite franchise is that you are not restricted to a particular number of suburbs or an allocated post code territory. You can work in suburbs of your own choice, with new customers referred to you from the call centre to assist in establishing the franchise business in accordance with the entry level you chose. Your customer base will grow quickly from the quotes/leads Bebrite provides, and from customer referrals when your cleaning skills are recommended to friends .

No Advertising Levy

Bebrite franchisees do not pay any marketing or advertising levies.

Further Details

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